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When we talk about today’s deployment environments, we have quite a few pieces to consider. We have the infrastructure that things run on, whether it’s on-prem data centers, public cloud infrastructure, or a hybrid mix. Any typical environment today has an orchestration layer (e.g., Kubernetes) that automates deployment and scaling of applications. We have the things that our apps run in or on, like containers, VMs, or bare metal. When we develop applications we introduce dependencies on third-party systems like external services, databases, or components written by other teams in our organization.

Our job is to help define the product and develop optimal solutions to get those results. We have long-lasting, good cooperation, both with our customers and with our employees. Our project managers are responsible for all aspects of project processing, act as direct contacts and relieve you of complex project management issues. We support the entire Elastic Stack, including Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats. Performance Tuning will help in understanding the health of the machines, health of the cluster. Flex Services let you focus on the tasks within a package that are most important to you.

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Softjourn is the solution to help you define and develop forward-thinking technology that gets real-world results. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with Kafka, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch, and Pulsar. Relevancy Tuning will help your users in getting desired results as fast as possible with fewer clicks or words. From orchestration to configuration management, we help you set up and activate all the bells and whistles for your test or production environment. Contact us with your questions about our services or to initiate an engagement with Elastic Consulting. Move from an existing platform or benefit from new features while minimizing risks and impact on your systems.

elasticsearch consulting services

If the plan is to have a small scale operation and keep it that way, managed services can be a great option for you to save the hassle of building your own deployment. The bigger your deployment, the more issues you can anticipate, because naturally the operation becomes more complex as it grows. Bigger clusters require more control and the ability to perform every action. One example of why managed services are less ideal for those with larger deployments is that  they limit APIs. Infrastructures today produce a lot of operational data that’s growing all the time, making it virtually impossible to analyze different data streams manually.

A managed cloud experience built and managed by Elastic

Welcome to NextBrick, the leading provider of Elasticsearch consulting services. When it comes to harnessing the full power of Elasticsearch, we’ve got you covered. Pureinsights provides a wide range of Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack consulting and implementation services.

Opster’s experts will train your team to fill in any gaps and get them up to speed with everything they need to know to successfully operate and optimize your Elasticsearch operation. We help you choose the right tools and architecture for your observability needs. With BigData Boutique your Elasticsearch cluster is precisely the right number of nodes and the right type of hardware. Over the years, Elasticsearch has garnered attention of developers and has become one of the most popular and preferred search technologies.

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Get relevant results at unprecedented speed with open and flexible enterprise solutions — powered by Elasticsearch Platform and AI. The good news is that once your operational data is in Elasticsearch, it’s ready for analysis. The predefined machine learning jobs for anomaly detection are already optimized for logs and metrics and are integrated with Kibana apps where you need them. For example, they can automatically detect if there are any anomalies with rates at which infrastructure logs are generated or find patterns and automatically group your logs into categories. I still remember the time when we had to wait for weeks before a new server was provisioned so that we could get on with our projects. Today it’s container platforms — container orchestrators like Docker and Kubernetes — that are becoming the platform of choice for many organizations.

elasticsearch consulting services

The ELK Stack includes powerful software for collecting, analyzing, searching, and visualizing data. But managing an ELK Stack cluster can be challenging and time-consuming. The ELK Stack also provides greater hosting flexibility than other stacks.

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You’ll pay over 50% more if you go to a managed service, which will likely lead to your superiors bringing up budget cuts if the project becomes too costly. A huge factor to consider is what you plan on using Elasticsearch for. If your use case is common, there are often services that provide pre-built solutions, such as simple website search functions or log analysis. Some of these services elasticsearch consulting services include Elastic Observability, Logz.io,   Elastic App Search and more. With a team of highly skilled professionals, Nextbrick offers a comprehensive range of services to help businesses navigate the complexities of technology. They excel in developing innovative strategies that incorporate emerging technologies, ensuring that clients stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

  • Contact us with your questions about our services or to initiate an engagement with Elastic Consulting.
  • In today’s data-driven world, the ability to extract valuable insights…
  • There are smaller managed services in the field as well, who provide similar services, but Elastic is the main provider.
  • That lets us know exactly what the availability and performance of your cluster is at any time.
  • Consultative and hands-on deployment services for Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud environments, including installation, configuration, orchestration using Elastic modules for Puppet/Ansible/Chef, and/or upgrading of the Elastic Stack or Elastic Cloud.
  • All alerts can be created and managed from a central place in Kibana, but they’re also embedded in the respective apps which makes them really easy to use in day-to-day operations.

For nearly two decades, Softjourn has been building brilliant tech solutions for clients in Finance, Ticketing, and Media & Entertainment, so we understand exactly what is needed to have an edge over the competition in these industries. Leverage Softjourn’s extensive expertise to harness the full power of Elasticsearch and provide your users with a seamless experience. Support for ALL versions of Elasticsearch, both free and premium Elasticsearch. Observability, security, and search solutions — powered by the Elasticsearch Platform. Deploy Elasticsearch for various business use cases, from enterprise search and public website search, to log analytics and security applications. The cost difference between managed services and self-hosting is more than 50%.

What you need to know when choosing where to host Elasticsearch

As of December 2022, according to DB-Engines, Elasticsearch is the most popular search engine database, and Solr is third. While Solr was initially more popular than Elasticsearch, Elasticsearch surpassed Solr in late 2015 and has mostly continued to increase adoption. Solr is open source software with a community of committers that are assigned based on merit alone.

Our team of experts conducts comprehensive architecture reviews to identify and resolve performance issues, providing a guaranteed solution. If you don’t have team members who are experts in infrastructure / cloud / orchestration, managed services are likely a good option for you because they’ll take care of infrastructure layer challenges for you. If you and your team have the expertise but don’t want to spend the time and resources on building the infrastructure, you can consider either option.

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Unify app and infrastructure visibility to proactively resolve issues. If you still don’t know whether you should find a managed service provider or run your Elasticsearch self-hosted, contact us here and let us know why. In addition, by optimizing mapping, stabilizing operations and improving resource utilization, Opster AutoOps allows customers to significantly downsize the needed hardware for their deployment, thus saving money. You can do so by using one availability zone, or spot instances that may be taken from you in a second but that are far cheaper. By staying self-hosted you also avoid “vendor lock-in”, which can make it very difficult to transition back to an unmanaged environment or from one managed service to another.

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